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On-site services such as Photography or videography are only possible within North Wales unless you're able to pay for travel 

What's the difference between our services and our packages ?  Well, even though our packages are tailored to the customer, our services lets the customer have whatever they need whereas our packages only let the customer have what is stated in the package

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... We do it all!  We'll post consistent high quality posts on all social media accounts and also work a bit of our EQMedia magic to help your social media accounts grow!

Website Design

We use the most reliable website design and hosting service on the market and with a vast range of previous websites that we've created for a range of different businesses, why not try it out?


Do you want your special day captured or a family photoshoot all for very low prices?  We capture anything and everything with the high quality look of EQMedia


We supply any kind of video that our clients desire, if that's a music video, promotional video or a fun day we'll give you the look and quality that you deserve

Photo Editing

It's simple!  Send your photo/photos to EQMedia and we'll edit them to give you the look you most definitely want

Video Editing

It's simple!  Send your video/videos to EQMedia and we'll edit them into a video that you'll be proud to show

Graphic Design

If you need birthday/wedding invitations or a design for your new company website, with our professional graphic design services we'll give you a sleek and professional look

A4 Photo Printing and Framing (framing optional)

Have any of your photos printed on high quality premium glossy A4 photography paper matched with a frame of your choice (if wanted)

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